To serve the needs of veterans and the families of the fallen.


Team Never Forgotten athletes compete in organized competitive events that are intended to raise money for organizations that support veterans. These events range from 5Ks to ultra marathons, as well as alternative outlets like the Tough Mudder.

Team Never Forgotten's approach to these events:

  • Work diligently to raise money for the target organization.
  • Donate all winnings to the organizations that support veterans or directly to the families of fallen warriors.
  • Compete in a manner that honors the sacrifices made by veterans and their families.


You can help Team Never Forgotten achieve its mission in a number of ways:

  • Donate. Any money donated to TNF goes directly to organizations that help vets. We will provide donation links here for each of our initiatives. Also, look for TNF athletes carrying the World War 2 era backpack during events. Any donation that goes in the pack goes to TNF.
  • Sponsor. Individuals or organizations can sponsor TNF athletes for individual events or on an ongoing basis.
  • Support. Help raise awareness for our mission by spreading the word. And, when you see a TNF athlete battling through some challenging event, let him know you support his mission.
For more information, send an email to or contact us through our Facebook Page